David Cozens BSc CEng MIET

Consultant Software Engineer

David is a highly experienced embedded software engineer and leader. With thirty years experience in  high profile and strategic projects, mainly in industrial automation, control and data recording.

David is a strong advocate applying the principles of Lean Software Development to embedded systems, having demonstrated how successful these principles can be in raising quality, reducing time to market, reducing waste and saving costs.

David practices and coaches Test Driven Development (TDD) and Continuous Integration (CI) for embedded systems.

He has developed corporate coding standards and contributed to MISRA C:2012 (MISRA C3)


Kevin Shaw R&D Director at Eurotherm

I have had the pleasure to know Dave since 1988 and worked at the same business until mid-2015, although not always on the same projects.
He is an excellent Software architect and can see the best compromises to maximise the effectiveness of the solution. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience in embedded software including VxWorks; CODESYS; C; C++ as well as continuous integration, TDD.
He has a good understanding of the value of the Voice of Customer and the domain where the products are installed, thus enabling him to provide an improved user experience that exceeds the customer experience.
Has people management skills as Project Technical lead but also as Software team Leader.
I would strongly recommend him as an asset to any team, he will be significant contributor in many diverse projects. I would also welcome him back to Eurotherm should he wish.

Gary Blair Software Tech Lead at Cubic Transportation

David worked for us on a very high profile project for our company. Based on his experience, we made him Scrummaster in a fairly inexperienced Scrum team. This proved to be an excellent choice as he not only established a good team discipline for Scrum, he also encouraged technical best practises such as TDD, with use of mock frameworks and dependency injection; and code reuse by genericizing parts of the existing design to align with the latest changes. David will be a real asset to any team and I’d highly recommend him.

Mark Green Development Director at Invensys Operations Management

David is an excellent software engineer and software leader.
I worked with David for over 9 Years and found him to be a very committed and dedicated engineer. His specialty, I would say, is putting together effective development teams working on embedded real time software, He is very knowledgeable in Real time OS and embedded hardware integration.
David builds great teams, he provides them with a clear view of the objective, setting up process and architectural structures so that they can develop and ultimately succeed.
I have no hesitation in recommending David for any embedded software design, development or leadership role.

Rob Rennie CEO at Avon Rubber

I worked with David for the best part of 15 years. During that time he proved himself to be a software engineer of the highest order.
Not only is his functional work excellent, but his ability to understand the customer requirement and convert them into product is remarkable.
I would unreservadly recommend David to anyone.

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