UniPi Neuron for CODESYS (discontinued)

UniPi Neuron for contains support for the UniPi Neuron range of PLCs and expansion modules, specifically these modules

  • UniPi Neuron L20x, L30x, L40x, L50x, L51x, M10x, M20x, M30x, M40x, M50x and S10x
  • UniPi Neuron Expansion modules xS10, xS30, xS40 and xS50

Download now from the CODESYS Store.

The package contains dedicated modes devices for each Neuron product giving named access to all registers, 1-wire and RS485 devices.

A support library is available to provide easy conversion between register encodings and engineering values.

A demonstration project is included that gives full access to all of the common features of the Neuron through web application to demonstrate the use of the package.