CODESYS for UniPi is available for download from the CODESYS store.


  • Addition of support for digital inputs I13 and I14 using a custom cable. 
  • Enhanced support for one wire expansion modules giving better behaviour on comms or power failure to the module.


  1. Semih4th March 2017

    Can i how to order UniPi?

    1. David4th March 2017

      Hi Semih,

      You can order direct from UniPi, see their online shop


  2. Alberto Cauzzi8th March 2017

    I would use the EMO-R8 unipi card connected to the I2C bus to unipi 1.1 programmed with Codesys.
    How can I handle the addressing of the in Codesys card?
    Thank you, Alberto

  3. Alberto Cauzzi8th March 2017

    If required the board, connected to the I2C bus of unipi 1.1, with the same 1.1 unipi address the relays are activated on both the cards but if address change at the EMO-R8 board the relays of unipi 1.1 vibrate and relay the emotions R8 do nothing.
    How should I set in CoDeSys addressing the emo-r8 card?

    Thank you, Alberto

  4. David9th March 2017

    Hi Alberto,

    I’m sorry but the EMO-R8 is not currently supported by CODESYS for UniPi. You are correct that the same device is used as on the main UniPi board, however the driver has no means of setting the address currently.

    The reason is simple: I don’t have any of the hardware, and I don’t like to release software that I cannot test and support.

    I will contact you directly to discuss further.


  5. Alberto Cauzzi9th March 2017

    Hi David,
    excuse would serve me just being able to handle this card.
    That you could work you give me some guidance on how to do?
    It would be enough to copy and modify the device or need to do qulcosa more?
    Can you help me, maybe if you set something then you can test it: D

    Thank you, Alberto

  6. Alberto Cauzzi11th March 2017

    Hi David,
    I decided to do without the emo-r8 because I like too CoDeSys, but I have to at least run the probes for temperature !!
    I have three probes DS18B20 cpire but I can not because I do not go.
    When I load the sample project with DS18B20 and sent him running says driver not found !!
    What can it be ?

    Thank you, Alberto

    1. David12th March 2017

      Hi Alberto,
      CODESYS for UniPi relies on underlying linux drivers for operation of the 1-wire bus. To get 1-wire operational in CODESYS it must first work in Linux, then you add the device to CODESYS and set the unique identifier for the temperature probe that you are using.
      I maintain a working system – with each supported device type attached. So I can see the driver functioning.
      In my experience supporting CODESYS for UniPi there are two reasons why the probe does not work. Firstly the 1-wire drivers have not been correctly installed into Linux. Secondly the unique identifier for the probe has not been correctly entered into CODESYS. I have also heard of one faulty probe.
      Have you followed the instructions in the CODESYS for UniPi datasheet on installing CODESYS for UniPi? The data sheet describes a simple setup script that can be run and also step by step instructions.
      Have you followed the instructions in the data sheet for configuring 1-wire devices?
      If you require additional relays CODESYS for UniPi includes drivers for the EO-1W8R module.
      As I said in email, I would happily support the i2c expansion modules, but it would mean taking time from my other work, and there would be a modest cost to cover purchase of hardware and a contribution for my time. If you want it done, but do not wish to pay then I suggest that you contact UniPi, if multiple customers want drivers they may finance the work.


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