We specialise in the Engineering practices that are required to underpin Agile development, and adapting Agile to Embedded Systems development.


What is preventing your business from delivering effectively?

We work with your business to understand the specific challenges that you face. We provide awareness training in the principles behind Lean Software Development, Agile, SCRUM, kanban, XP and DevOps. We the help the team to self assess against these principles. Using 35 years of experience in Embedded Systems development we analyse your specific situation, prepare and present a report on our findings and a suggested program of improvements



We empower your business with targeted training, coaching and mentoring.

We offer training courses in Clean Code for Embedded Systems, Test Driven Development as well as Bespoke Iterative Training, where we engage with your teams each iteration to provide an hour of training targeted at their immediate needs.

We provide coaching and mentoring services to all levels of your business.



We believe that often the best way to teach is to roll up your sleeves and get stuck in.

We engage at multiple levels depending on client needs. We have assisted at the executive level with developing policies to make development progress and issues more transparent and predictable. At the department level, introducing Agile, Test Driven Development and clean code training. At the team level, improving scrum team performance, pairing to introduce automated acceptance testing, coaching clean code and test-driven development.



What are our clients are saying about us?

... instrumental in the our agile transformation and brought a refreshing approach to the adoption of a more agile culture, embedding the values and improving our technical capabilities.

David is an excellent Agile coach and mentor. He has helped myself and my team explore new ways of working that have had a significant impact on the quality and efficiency of our work. He set me on a path of self-improvement, and now there is no turning back.

Since working with David, our development process has become more reliable, transparent, and sustainable.

Enthusiastic and clear delivery of the Test Driven Development course. David is passionate about TDD and is able to transfer that onto his students.

Bryan USA

The “think ahead” approach and surgical expertise in “Clean Code” for embedded systems allowed us to adapt to business changes quickly. The “Configuration as Code” and “Clean Code” strategies are already repaying dividends when we had to change microcontrollers. After David's training and mentorship, we asked ourselves “Why haven’t we been using these techniques all along?”

Optimizing your Embedded Software Development

Lean, Agile, Scrum, Kanban, Test Driven Development, Automated Acceptance Testing, Coding Standards, Training, Coaching, Mentoring, we do it all...


Every clients needs are different, our preference is to assess, empower with training, and coaching by doing, by working with you...

To be effective we prefer to start an engagement with an assessment of the current situation. During the evaluation, we provide training in the fundamentals of Lean Software Development, Agile and the engineering disciplines that are required to be effective. We conduct short interviews with a variety of Leaders, stakeholders and developers within your organisation. We assist the team in self-assessing their current Agile and Technical capabilities, Teams typically find this an informative and fun process.

Following analysis, we prepare a report that highlights what we have discovered, our analysis and recommendations. We present the report back and collaborate to develop a plan for improvements. Sample reports are available on request, please contact us.


Our consultants are highly experienced, we assess, empower and do based on experience rather than relying on theory. We recommend what we know works.

David is a a software consultant specializing in Lean Agile and XP practices for embedded systems. David founded  Cozens Software Solutions Limited (COSOSO) in 2015. A highly experienced as an Embedded Engineer with over 30 years experience building effective teams and delivering projects. He is passionate about training the technical skills required for Agile development to be successful in developing embedded systems, particularly Test Driven Development, Clean Code, Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, Automated acceptance testing and DevOps practices.

Nic has worked with COSOSO since 2020 bringing expertise in individual and team coaching and group facilitation. Nic has a background in academia in the area of experimental physics. She moved into engineering in 2005 and has hands-on R&D experience in high-tech engineering and digital environments using robotics, automation, temperature and vibration control. Her career has encompassed Project Management, Programme Management and Product Management positions, as well as Scrum Master and Product Owner roles. Each organisation that Nic has ever worked with has been undergoing an Agile transformation so she brings broad experience of all stages of adoption and the challenges and opportunities that arise. Nic has a passion for coaching and delights in helping a team find their way forward.


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