Installing Jenkins on Raspberry Pi

I want to get a CI system setup at home and decided to try getting Jenkins up and running on a Raspberry Pi 2. My starting point is the latest Rasbian distribution, I have fixed the IP address of this Raspberry PI at

NOTE: I initially tried just installing jenkins from Rasbian, with sudo apt-get update and sudo apt-gt install jenkins, however this installed a very old version of Jenkins and I couldn’t easily update it. This post covers installation of the latest stable version of Jenkins on a clean Rasbian system.

I found instructions to install the latest stable version of Jenkins on Ubuntu and Debian, I chose to install the LTS version.

First I added the key for the LTS version to my repository

wget -q -O - | sudo apt-key add -

Then I updated /etc/apt/sources.list: adding this line to the top of the file

deb binary/

Updated the local package index, then finally install Jenkins:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install jenkins

the install happened without problems

I then browsed to, the default port for Jenkins, and voila!


  1. Joel2nd December 2015

    Have you used it at all? Is it stable? I looked in to doing this with a Raspberry pi b+ board but it was clearly not fast enough to handle jenkins.

  2. David Cozens2nd December 2015

    I have used it – for home use only for several months.

    Yes it is stable, I have left it running for weeks on end.

    Performance wise – I have trac, SVN and Jenkins all running on the same RPI. Jenkins is slow to serve the first webpage after restarting the web server – circa 20s. Other than that most pages load in 2s or less which in my mind is adequate for home use.

    My reasons for doing this were for experimentation, could it be done? And then as a platform to experiment with. For that purpose it is fine. It would also make a great teaching platform.

    Beware of letting the disk on the RPI fill up with lots of build history, limit the number of builds you keep, use a large SD card or attach USB media. And automate backups.


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