CODESYS for UniPi contains a package of driver support for the peripheral devices on the UniPi extension board for the Raspberry Pi.  UniPi extends the IO of the Raspberry PI and when combined with CODESYS for Raspberry Pi provides an excellent training and evaluation platform.

CODESYS for UniPi contains support for the peripheral devices on the UniPi v. 1.1 (SKU2014001).

Device drivers for the following devices are included:

  • Digital Inputs
  • Relay Outputs
  • Analogue Inputs
  • Analogue Output

The following UniPi devices are supported by CODESYS for Raspberry Pi by configuring
Raspbian, instructions and a script to install drivers is included:

  • 1-Wire controller
  • Real time clock
  • Serial Port

The following expansion boards are supported:

  • E0-1W8R – 1 Wire 8 Relay
  • E0-1W4R4DI 1 Wire 4 Relay 4 DI

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NOTE: CODESYS for UniPi is provided as a free product for training and educational purposes. I receive no income from sales of UniPi or CODESYS for UniPi. If you find the product useful and would like to help cover support and ongoing development costs then please donate.