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Using PiFace Digital 2 with CODESYS

In this post I look at how to drive the PiFace Digital 2 card with CODESYS. The post is aimed at CODESYS beginners. The PiFace Digital 2 is provides 8 open collector digital outputs with LED indicators (two of which also drive changeover relays) and 8 digital inputs, four of the inputs are in parallel...

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CODESYS with Edimax EW-7811UN on Raspberry PI

Up to this point I have been using wired ethernet, tonight I decided to try with a wireless adapter. First I followed the instructions here to get the Raspberry PI on my home network. Then I tried scanning for the device from CODESYS with no luck. I couldn’t ping the Raspberry PI from my PC,...

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Starting with CODESYS on the Raspberry Pi

NOTE THIS POST IS OUT OF DATE. Please see starting-with-codesys-on-raspberry-pi I’ve finally decided to give CODESYS a try on the Raspberry PI. This post tracks what I had to do to get CODESYS functioning, I’ll post more on sample projects in the future. First of all, my setup: I’m running a fresh install of Windows 8.1...

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